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CommArts Featured in SOMA Film Festival for Fifth Year  

SOMAFor the fifth year in a row, College of Communication and the Arts' students and alumni will be featured in an exclusive Seton Hall University block of films on the SOMA Film Festival schedule. Originally scheduled for the Spring of 2020, SOMA has moved the festival entirely online.

"Seton Hall Select Shorts," will be available online for students and their friends and families to view beginning 8:00pm ET Saturday, September 12, through to Monday, September 14, 8:00pm ET.

For a link and password to view the films, please contact William Pace

Selected featured films this year are listed below.

  1. A Long Way From Home, Filmmaker: Samantha Innamorato (Class of 2020) A homesick college freshman misses his high school friends, but a visit back home may not be all that he hopes it to be. Runtime: 8:52
  2. Beto, Filmmaker: Sarah Hackett (Class of 2021) A short insight into the music-making world of sound engineer and up & coming artist, Beto. Runtime: 2:10 min.
  3. Newton's Cradle, Filmmaker: Andrew Sciancalepore (Class of 2020) An overly severe boss grows frustrated with an interviewee who has a surprising offer of his own. Runtime: 4:05 min.
  4. The Man, Filmmaker: Erin Neupauer (Class of 2020) A man more interested in his business ventures than his life & family heads to work for the day, but has a sudden change of heart. Runtime: 9:43
  5. Sewing, Filmmaker: Christopher Aurilio (Class of 2005) A woman gets lost in her needlework. Runtime: 0:57
  6. Date Nite, Filmmaker: Robert Ruszkowski, (Cass of 2020) A couple goes out for dinner, each with the same plan -- to end things for good -- but end up with what they really wanted all along. Runtime: 7:09 min.
  7. Open, Filmmaker: Jack Otto (Class of 2022) A young man finds himself trapped inside of his mind and is forced to confront what he finds within. Runtime: 3:14
  8. Mute, Filmmaker: Rick Boytis (Class of 2019) A troubled man recounts the strangest night of his life... and the silent Uber driver who drove him. Runtime: 12:30
  9. what comes after, Filmmaker: Alyssa Schirm (Class of 2020) Two people with seemingly nothing in common get paired to journey through the afterlife together. Runtime: 4:22
  10. Languages of Love (Idiomas del Amor), Filmmaker: Angie Loveday Solano, (Class of 2019) Two young adults discover that appearances might be misleading after making very big assumptions about each other. Runtime: 3:02
  11. PTV's Tommy Rinaldi, Filmmaker: Meagan Gonzalez (Class of 2021) A look at Seton Hall's Pirate Television and one of its most promising producers. Runtime: 2:10
  12. Crumbs, Filmmaker: Andrew Proctor (Class of 2019) A woman in a strange house tries to go about her daily life with a strange mannequin. Runtime: 5:07
  13. Come In, Filmmaker: Éilish Montgomery (Class of 2019) In the midst of a painting class, a young man named Leo feels the need to share a burning, personal secret with his friends. Runtime: 8:09

The College of Communication and the Arts has been a proud supporter and sponsor of the SOMA Film Festival since its inception. The College of Communication and the Arts currently offers students many different ways to learn film, television, and digital video production through its undergraduate degree in Visual and Sound Media. For more information, contact Amanda Carcione.

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