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A Concert for Hope: Experience the Power of Music  

chorus 320 picAsk anyone in the Seton Hall Chorus and they will tell you this: We don't just make music at Seton Hall – we perform music with a mission. To launch its 2018-19 season, the Seton Hall University Chorus, within the College of Communication and the Arts and its Arts Council, will perform "Et In Terra Pax: A Concert for Hope" alongside the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra on Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 7 p.m. at Saint Bartholomew's Church in New York, N.Y.

"A Concert for Hope" is part of the Great Music Series at St. Bart's produced by the Mid-Manhattan Performing Arts Foundation, a nonprofit established to cultivate, promote, sponsor and develop an understanding and love of great music as presented at St. Bartholomew's Church. United by this dedication to the arts, the Seton Hall Choral Program is honored to collaborate with Great Music at St. Bart's and be part of its prestigious 2018-19 season.

Underlining music's tremendous power to inspire and make change, the concert will feature Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass (Mass for Troubled Times) and the works of Avro Pärt, Ola Gjeilo and John Tavener, under the direction of Dr. Jason Tramm, assistant professor and director of choral activities.

"The music that an era produces is a snapshot of that historical time – and Haydn's Mass for Troubled Times mirrors our own struggles and emotions," said Tramm. "Hadyn's work starts serious and austere, yet comes full circle to resonate a spirit of hope with an intense and inspiring movement of music. "A Concert for Hope" gives the Choral Program an incredible opportunity to perform music that speaks to every person while singing in a prestigious venue."

Haydn's Mass for Troubled Times was written in 1798, during a time of instability in Europe. From the gripping first movement to the life affirming "Dona Nobis Pacem," this work transcends its time and offers hope in our time. Composer Ola Gjeilo's "Song of the Universal" is a setting of verses to Walt Whitman's great work. According to the composer, "I love Whitman's unabashed optimism, exuberance and unwaving confidence in our deeper humanity – all through the prism of a big, warm, beating heart." Works of Pärt and Tavener complete this evening of powerful, atmospheric music.

"Although we find ourselves in challenging time, we need to be reminded that music has the profound power to make change in society and people," shared Tramm. "The evening will demonstrate the impact of great music and leave the audience with the positive, universal message that we are all connected through the arts."

For more information about the concert or to purchase tickets, please visit here

The Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra has previously partnered with the College's Arts Council programming, performing in a variety of concerts including "Prayer for Peace" at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC),"Freedom's Song" at the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove, N.J. and multiple Classical Concert Series performances.

For more information about the Choral Program and upcoming events, please reach out to Jason Tramm at

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