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2018 SOMA Film Festival: Seton Hall Program Announced  

Photo of South Orange and Maplewood Film FestivalIn mid-March, the South Orange Maplewood Film Festival (SOMA) opens at the Woodland in Maplewood Village for its third consecutive year of exceptional films and productions from the local community. As part of the College of Communication and the Arts' partnership with SOMA, an exclusive 2-hour session has been dedicated to Seton Hall University films. This year's lineup is scheduled for Sunday, March 18, 2018, from 2-4 p.m. and will include works from students and alumni of the Visual and Sound Media program.

This year, dozens of submissions were received and reviewed across a variety of genres including documentaries, narratives, thrillers, suspense, and non-fiction. Professor William Pace, Faculty Associate of Digital Media Production, continues to be impressed by the level of professionalism and originality sharing, "This year's submissions exemplified the creative strength and high-quality work of both our students and alumni community."

The final lineup includes 17 pieces to fill the two-hour session which is free to students with their student ID. General session admittance is $10. The films will screen for about 90 minutes, with the last 30 minutes dedicated to a Q&A session with filmmakers. For the full listing of SHU films, please see below. 

SOMA Film Festival
March 16 to 18, 2018
SHU Dedicated Session: March 18, 2018 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Groovy Movies

  • Director: Visual and Sound Media Dept.
  • Genre: Promo Video
  • Length: 2:05
  • College of Communication and The Arts students create groovy movies… and TV shows and documentaries and…

2017 NYC Nostalgia Train

  • Director: Kevin Phalon, SHU 2017
  • Genre: Documentary Short
  • Length: 3:51
  • Produced for and narrated by the voice of the NYC Subway, this video gives viewers an inside look at a real, working, 1930s Subway in New York City.


  • Director: Kelly Kopec, SHU 2019
  • Genre: Horror Short
  • Length: 7:20
  • After overworking to the point of a mental breakdown, a young college student finds himself face-to-face with his inner demons. 

From Ballerina to Bodybuilder

  • Director: Erika Szumel, SHU 2018
  • Genre: Documentary Short
  • Length: 5:15
  • Sydney Hiserodt overcame two eating disorders to lead the body-positive lifestyle she lives today.

Please Don't Push the Red Button

  • Director: Angie Loveday, 2018
  • Genre: Suspense Short
  • Length: 2:00
  • An unsuspecting student discovers a mysterious button that piques his curiosity.

1st Generation College Students

  • Director: Schania Anderson, 2018
  • Genre: Documentary Short
  • Length: 5:18
  • Two college students share the experiences and challenges they face as first generation college students -- the first person in their families to go to college.

Hungry Man Eats Pizza

  • Director: Carlos Velazquez, SHU 2018
  • Genre: Documentary Short
  • Length: 1:15
  • A starved wanderer makes his acquaintance with a classic culinary selection.

Third Party Witness

  • Director: Bill Pace
  • Crew: Digital Cinema 3 Fall '17: Richard Boytis, Shu 2019; Kelly Kopec, SHU 2019; Angie Loveday, SHU 2018; Masood Mohayya, SHU 2019; Valerie Qiu Wen Ong, SHU 2019, Andrew Procter, SHU 2019; Charlotte Slocum, SHU 2019; Carlos Velazquez, SHU 2018
  • Genre: Dramatic Narrative Short
  • Length: 11:15
  • Two young lawyers who used to be a couple with a past meet once again on opposing sides of a deposition.

EIES of New Jersey

  • Director: Ingrid Stobbe
  • Crew: Field 1 Fall '17: Taylor Richardson-Martin, SHU 2019; Ryan Patti, SHU 2018; Jill Yarnzbowicz, SHU 2019; Sarah Yenesel, SHU 2019; James Justice, SHU 2019; Christopher Famularo, SHU 2019
  • Length: 5:35
  • This video explores the inner workings and mission of the non-profit EIES of New Jersey.


  • Director Kevin McLaughlin, SHU 1980
  • Genre: Trailer
  • Length: 2:39
  • The trailer for a feature-length documentary that traces the trail of heartbreak from the 1967 riots to modern-day Newark, NJ. For more info, visit the film's website:

The Life of a Reverend

  • Director: Alecia Mobley, 2018
  • Genre: Documentary Short
  • Length: 3:12
  • A personal account of the life and responsibilities of a reverend.

Skin and Bones

  • Director: Erin Neupauer, SHU 2020
  • Genre: Narrative Drama Short
  • Length: 4:26
  • A young woman struggles with an eating disorder and the anxiety that plagues her, until something changes her perspective on it all.


  • Director: Jay Giampietro, SHU 1997
  • Genre: Political Comedy Short
  • Length: 14:29
  • A New Yorker who predicted Trump would win the 2016 election, didn't predict the people in his life would be displeased with him.

Non-Traditional Student

  • Director: Jillian Yarznbowicz, 2019
  • Genre: Documentary Short
  • Length: 3:55
  • A group of students with unique circumstances explains the need for a support group for those taking untraditional routes in their academic careers. 


  • Director: Renee Nunez, 2021
  • Genre: Thriller Short
  • Length: 5:39
  • A young man discovers the pervasive reach of technology when he is watched from afar by using his personal devices.


  • Director: Sarah Yenesel, 2019
  • Genre: Documentary Short
  • Length: 3:00
  • Mike and Pop from Morristown's EvolvInk tattoo shop explain the artistry behind tattoos and their work creating them.

Easy Money

  • Director: David McMillan, 2013
  • Genre: Dark Comedy Narrative Short
  • Length: 4:48
  • Two petty crooks think they've landed the score of a lifetime, until personal issues get in the way.

Sea Turtle Recovery

  • Director: Elizabeth Swinton, SHU 2018
  • Genre: Non-Fiction Short
  • Length: 5:04
  • A profile of the only sea turtle rehabilitation center in New Jersey and its two creators as they care for an endangered species.

No Clue

  • Director: Kevin Phalon, SHU 2017
  • Genre: Comedic Narrative Short
  • Length: 6:29
  • A rookie shoplifter gets a masterclass in his craft by an expert in stealing.

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