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Museum Professions

M.A., Museum Professions Curriculum

Candidates for the Master of Arts in Museum Professions program complete 39 graduate-level credits to satisfy degree requirements. The curriculum includes a 12 credit required core, a 15 credit professional track, plus an additional 12 credits of relevant, elective courses.

Students select courses each semester in consultation with his/her advisor and recommended study plan. The program capstone, Master's Thesis (ARTS 8000), should be taken as the final course.

Core Courses (12 Credits)

  • ARMS 6000
    Anatomy of a Museum
  • ARMS 6505
    History and Theory of Museums
  • ARMS 7800
  • ARMS 8000
    Master's Thesis

Professional Tracks (15 Credits)

Museum Education
Museum Registration
Museum Management
Exhibition Development

Elective Courses (12 Credits)

  • ARMS 7005
    Museum Technologies
  • ARMS 6604,6606,6608,6609,6610
    Seminars Abroad
  • ARMS 7006-09
    Special Topics in Museum Professions

OR any course in any track other than the one the student has chosen

*Students in the Museum Management track have the option to also earn a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Organization Management by taking some additional courses. For more information about this certificate, please see the Department of Public and Healthcare Administration section of the Graduate Catalogue.

Full course descriptions are available from the Graduate Catalogue.

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