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M.A., Communication Curriculum

Candidates for the Master of Arts in Communication program complete 36 graduate-level credits to satisfy degree requirements, distributed as follows:

9 credits of communication coursework, including the following required courses:

  • COTC 7110 Communication Research
  • COMM 8000 Communication Research Methods
  • COMM 8500 Communication Portfolio

12 required credits in an advanced area of study of the student's choice:

Digital Communication and Communication Technologies

  • COMM 7775 Theory and Practice of Digital Communication
  • COMM 7551 The Internet and Communication
  • COMM 7002 New Media, Organizations, and Institutions
  • COTC 8110 Seminar in Communication Technologies Ethics

Communication in Organizations

  • COTC 6100 Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • COMM 7503 Organizational Culture
  • COMM 7413 Training & Development
  • COMM 7763 Employee Relations

Public Relations

  • COPR 6000 PR Research and Reporting
  • COPR 6002 Global Perspectives 
  • COPR 6003 Theory and Principles of PR
  • COPR 8003 Strategic Planning and Practical Application

9 credits in approved Communication Electives.

  • Students should select appropriate electives in consultation with their academic adviser. A full listing of courses and descriptions are available from the Graduate Catalogue.

6 credits of Master's Project-related coursework, including the following required courses:

  • COMM 8190 Master's Project 1
  • COMM 8191 Master's Project 2
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