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The CHAMP Program

Pairing you with the best in the business, one-on-one.

CHAMP, our CommArts Honor Alumni Mentor Partners program, pairs our successful alumni working in various industries with current students.  Students are matched with an alumni mentor at the top of their profession in some of the world's leading companies — an experience exclusive to the College of Communication and the Arts.

Our mentors hail from companies like Viacom, Novartis, Univision, iHeartRadio, Johnson & Johnson and more.  Students gain a competitive edge by learning first-hand about career opportunities directly from alumni who have graduated and moved on to achieve professional success.

The CHAMP program is a partnership unique to the College, made possible through a collaboration with The Career Center.  The CHAMP program kicked off its tenth year in 2020, having paired more than 200 students and alumni together since 2010. 


The first three future Pirates to submit the correct answer will win $50 in campus cash, or Pirate’s Gold as we call it!
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