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B.A., Public Relations Curriculum

B.A. Public Relations Curriculum

Undergraduate students in the Public Relations major must complete 48 program credits to satisfy degree requirements.  The curriculum includes 33 credits of required courses, plus an additional 15 credits of relevant, elective courses.

Students select courses each semester in consultation with his/her advisor and recommended study plan.

Public Relations Major: Required Courses (33 credits)

COMM 1421   Writing for the Media (3 credits)
COMM 1670   Introduction to Communication Theory (pre-req for PR Research) (3 credits)
COMM 2134   Communication Ethics (3 credits)
COMM 2623   Persuasive Speaking OR COMM 2625 Public & Presentation Speaking (3 credits)
COMM 2640  Organizational Communication (3 credits)
COJR 2136      Media Law (3 credits)
COJR 2431      American Journalism (3 credits)
COPR 2135     PR Research (3credits)
COPR 2512     Public Relations I: Intro to PR (3 credits)
COPR 3522     Public Relations II: Strategic Planning & Client Relations (pre-req for Senior Seminar) (3 credits)
COPR 5599     Senior Seminar: Public Relations (3 credits)

In addition to the required courses listed above, Public Relations students must complete five courses from approved electives:

One of the following:

COJR 2240    Media Criticism (3 credits)
COJR 3432    Women and Media (3 credits)
COPR 2998   Managing Reputation and Crisis Communication  (3 credits)

Two of the following:

COJR 2421   News Reporting (3 credits)
COJR 4424   Broadcast News Writing and Presentation (3 credits)
COPR 2515   Integrated Communication (3 credits)
COPR 2521   Print Advertising (3 credits)

Two of the following:

ADIM 2324   Visual Communication Design (3 credits)
ADIM 3323   Presentation Dynamics (3credits)
COJR 3428    Publication Editing (3 credits)
COPR 2999   Basic Video (3 credits)

Available elective substitutions:

COPR 2411   Sports Public Relations
COPR 2631   Nonprofit Communications and PR
COPR 2997   International Public Relations
COPR 5598   PR Experiential Learning (Permission Required)

(Other special topics approved by advisor)

Public Relations Minor

Students wishing to minor in Public Relations must take 15 credits of required courses (below), plus an additional 6 credits in Public Relations elective courses.

COMM 1421   Writing for the Media (3 credits)
COMM 2640   Organizational Communication


COPR 2998     Managing Reputation and Crisis (3 credits)

COPR 2512      PR I: Intro to PR (3 credits)
COPR 2515      Integrated Communication (3 credits)
COPR 3522      PR II: Strategic Planning and Client Relations (3 credits)

The two additional elective COAR courses (6 credits) must be approved by the area's academic adviser.

Full course descriptions are available from the Undergraduate Catalogue.

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