Communications and the Arts
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CommArts Academic and Student Engagement

CommArts Academic and Student Engagement, or CASE, is the College of Communication and the Arts' hub for undergraduate and graduate studies, including co- and extracurricular organizations and activities. CASE delivers personalized support for all students in the College and seeks to increasingly foster student success, student retention, connectivity with internal and external opportunities, and degree completion.

Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies within the College of Communication and the Arts provides students with immersive learning experiences that blend theory and practical components in ways that permit students to recognize, test, and translate course material into academic, professional, and workplace settings.

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies at the College of Communication and the Arts offers diverse and flexible programs anchored in the humanities and featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative curricula, and provides opportunities for meaningful collaboration across disciplines. 

Great Minds

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Sarah Diefenbach, M.A.

Communication, Organizational Communication

Sabrina Browne ’13/M.A. ’16

Sabrina Browne, '13/M.A. '16 '13/M.A. '16

Communication, Organizational Communication