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Why I Chose Public Relations: From a Beauty Expert to a Beauty PR Professional  

Norky Diaz PRNorky Diaz, a student pursuing an M.A. in Public Relations within the College of Communication and the Arts, has a dream she is determined to achieve — to go from a public relations student to a public relations professional thriving within the beauty industry. 

And Diaz is well on her way to achieving that goal. Recently she worked as an intern for Glamour Dolls makeup, where she pitched products to beauty editors and influencers in addition to planning and executing events to promote new products. She also has a deep love of the beauty industry, which she sees as an asset.

“I’m passionate about beauty products, so it’s easier to talk about them to other people who are interested in the same thing,” Diaz said. “I’m an avid consumer and I know what’s trending in the beauty community, so I feel its beneficial when people can see my genuine excitement and love for beauty products.”

Building such relationships was Diaz’s favorite part of her internship. She explained that going “behind the scenes” and engaging with the influencers she follows on social media was a fascinating experience. It really opened her eyes to the way things work within the industry, she added.   

But as exciting as it can be, Diaz noted that handling public relations for the beauty world is no simple feat. The industry requires you to be extremely flexible and adaptable, she said, going from pitching products one moment to overseeing social media campaigns the next. Depending on the size of the company, she shared that one might even have to help with product fulfillment and development. 

Regardless of competing priorities, Diaz always made sure to see every task through — a commitment level she honed both as an undergraduate and graduate student at Seton Hall. As she explained, attending the University taught her the importance of sticking to goals even when times get tough.

“There were various times (as a graduate student) where I thought ‘This isn’t for me’ and I wanted to leave,” Diaz said. “But I remember how good it felt to walk across the stage during graduation (as an undergraduate) and I look forward to that feeling as a graduate student.” 

Additionally, Diaz said she appreciated the chance to gain further insight into public relations by pursuing the graduate program. She recalled that her time as an undergraduate student went by so quickly and that it felt like she was graduating just as she was fully immersed in the subject. Thus, deciding to embark on completing her master’s degree because she knew expanding her education would benefit her in her later career. 

And while she knows some lessons can only be learned on the job, Diaz believes Seton Hall has sufficiently prepared her for the future thanks to the attentive guidance of her professors. 

“The faculty at Seton Hall are more than willing to help if you ask,” Diaz said. “They’ve helped me with resources and people I should connect to when I need it. And even if they can’t help you, they know somebody who can. They are just amazing!”

Using her education, Diaz hopes to spread diversity within the general public relations industry. Having grown up in Newark, New Jersey, surrounded by a variety of cultures, she explained that she believes in empathizing with different people because being compassionate of others makes everyone feel like they can be their true selves. As an intern she encouraged Glamour Dolls to send more products to people of color. So when she enters the workforce, Diaz is determined to share people’s stories, urge others to appreciate all walks of life and increase diverse representation in campaigns.  
That is her plan regardless of what branch of public relations she enters. But ideally, Diaz would like to pursue that mission within the beauty industry. It is her dream, after all.

“I’ve always loved makeup and products,” Diaz said. “Why not work in an environment where everything interests you?”

The College currently offers three graduate-level programs, including Museum Professions, Communication, and Public Relations. In addition, four dual-degree options, including three accelerated master's/B.A. programs and a dual M.A. degree with the School of Diplomacy and International Relations are offered.

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This story is part of a series highlighting why students selected the M.A. in Public Relations program. 

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