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Why I Chose Museum Professions: From Classical Studies to Museum Registration  

Marguerite O'Brien Reyes is chasing her career goal of working as a Students in art galleryregistrar in a European art museum thanks to her dual-degree in Classical Studies and Museum Professions.  For O’Brien Reyes, the B.A./M.A. in Museum Professions program offered by the College of Communication and the Arts has allowed her to accelerate her academic experience while cultivating the necessary knowledge and skills she needs to pursue her dream job.  

The College of Communication and the Arts offers a dual-degree program, an accelerated program that allows undergraduate students majoring in programs such as art history, anthropology, English, or history to take four graduate courses while completing their undergraduate program.  O’Brien Reyes shared, “I chose the dual-degree program because it allows me to pursue my dream while saving both time and money.”

O'Brien Reyes first became interested in museums as a freshman in high school where she loved art and history.  She began her undergraduate education at Seton Hall, studying Classical Studies, and quickly discovered that she could actively pair her undergraduate work with graduate classes.  “My undergraduate Classical Studies major advanced my understanding of the museum field,” she shared.  “Almost all major art museums have a collection of classical art; therefore this dual-degree of Classical Studies and Museum Professions is a perfect fit.”

Now as a full-time graduate student, O'Brien Reyes has completed several credits of graduate work, and she expressed her excitement to continue.  “My graduate classes are not only enjoyable, but each course is preparing me with the comprehensive skills I will need in pursuit of my future career,” she said.  “My favorite class so far was my Introduction to Archives Management course. As part of the class, we curated a digital archive exhibit, wrote labels and drafted a press release,” she shared.

As part of the Museum Professions program, O’Brien Reyes chose the registration track as it best complements her dream job of working as a registrar in a European art museum.  “I think that a registrar in a museum has the most important job because they are responsible for tracking and taking care of all the objects,” O'Brien Reyes said. “Registrars get to work closely with the objects, and it really is just the type of work that suits me best; I am even quite fond of the administrivia  involved,” she laughed.

As a dual-degree student, O'Brien Reyes offered some advice to prospective students.  “The most important thing to realize is that the program will require a lot of hard work,” she shared.  “Getting involved is an important part of success but be prepared to manage your time and adjust to graduate level work.  I am glad I chose Seton Hall’s Master of Arts in Museum Professions program, for I am confident I made the right decision to pursue my career goals,” she said. 

The accelerated B.A./M.A. in Museum Professions allows Seton Hall University undergraduate students majoring in programs such as art history, anthropology, English, history, or others to take 12 graduate credits. These 12 credits count toward both the B.A. and the M.A. degree. Following undergraduate commencement, students complete the remaining 27 credits of the M.A. degree.

The M.A. in Museum Professions is designed for individuals interested in pursuing careers in museums or related cultural institutions. Students in the program select one of four professional tracks, including Museum Education, Museum Registration, Museum Management, or Exhibition Development.

The College currently offers three Master's-level programs, including Museum Professions, Communication, andPublic Relations. In addition, four dual-degree options, including three accelerated B.A./M.A. programs and a dual M.A. degree with the School of Diplomacy and International Relations are offered.

For more information about Graduate Studies within the College of Communication and the Arts, please contact Ryan Hudes, Ph.D.

This story is part of a series highlighting why students selected the M.A. in Museum Professions program.

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