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Online Courses

In addition to in-classroom courses, the Department of Catholic Studies curriculum includes the following online courses:

CAST 1001 Search for Human Fulfillment
Beginning with the Scriptural understanding of the great human drama, the course will explore the Catholic understanding of who we are and therefore what kind of human fulfillment is suited to us. The course will investigate the basics of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition through theology, history, literature and philosophy and will end with a look at ultimate fulfillment in the life of heaven. The course will examine primary resources from several disciplines, including theology, philosophy, history and literature, and from different ages of the Church, including ancient, medieval and modern. 3 credits

Note: CAST 1001 fulfills the core requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences for both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees.

CAST 3021-WB (WMST 3513-WB) Modern Women of Faith
The course focuses on the question of what it means to be women of faith, by considering the example of several Catholic women who have lived exemplary, faith-filled lives in a way that has challenged conventional expectations of women on the part of society. In view of their examples, students are encouraged to identify and consider the characteristics of an authentic, faith-filled, Catholic feminism. 3 credits

CAST 3023-WB (PHYS 3103-WB) The Popes and Science
This course is designed to introduce students to Papal teaching on the relations between Christian Faith and natural science and also to serve as a foundation for further study of faith and reason. The course aims to explore the impact of the Popes on the development of modern science. 3 credits

CAST 3028-WB (HSTD 6404-WB, STHO 6404-WB) Worship and Holy Images in the Catholic Church
Using theological, historical, and anthropological perspectives, the course explores the spiritual significance of Christian iconography from early Christianity to the Middle Ages focusing on the links between imagery and Christian worship.

CAST 3940 (CORE 3746) Catholic Classics and Interiority
This course flows from the new Seton Hall University core curriculum and endeavors to flesh out the meaning of "the Catholic intellectual tradition." Its aim is to analyze the Catholic classics in the light of human interiority, particularly the human passion for meaning, for the good and for God. 3 credits

CAST 3025-WB (HSTD 6834-WB) The New Jersey Catholic Experience
This course is designed to provide the student with a detailed knowledge of how the Catholic Church developed within the context of New Jersey and American history over the past three centuries. The story of a distinctive Catholic experience has many dimensions which will be described not only through major milestones and eras, but through a growing socio-religious perspective which includes the laity, religious leaders, and key individuals who contributed to the legacy of their faith statewide. 3 credits

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