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Freedom and Dialogue: The Trajectory of the Ukrainian Church  

Ukrainian Church 1

Chapel of a Ukrainian Church.

Note: This event has been cancelled.

Seton Hall University's Catholic Studies Program presents "Freedom and Dialogue: The Trajectory of the Ukrainian Church" on Wednesday March 25, 2020 at 1 p.m. in the Chancellor Suite (University Center – lower level).

After centuries of struggle, the Ukrainian Church has reached an inflection point. As a newly-recognized autocephalous Orthodox Church, it is poised to push ecumenical dialogue to the next level—both locally and globally. As an Eastern Catholic Church, legal in Ukraine since 1990, it has made inroads in Eastern Europe right up to the Russian border.

At an accelerated rate in the 20th and early 21st centuries, the political situation of Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora have shaped the history and development of this Church. Will political decisions regarding freedom of religion and the supremacy of individual conscience continue to exert a strong influence on the trajectory of the Ukrainian Church? Is there reason or optimism about the future of ecumenism as it pertains to this Church? Will the Church continue to grow or will it be stifled by forces from the East, i.e. Russia?

Speakers at the event will be:

  • Rev. Dr. Ivan Kaszczak, Pastor of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, will present "The Concept: Freedom of Religion in Ukraine, Russia and the United States—A Historical Perspective of the Ukrainian Church and Freedom."
  • Anatolii Babynskyii, Research Fellow from St. Michael College and the University of Toronto, will present "Ukrainian Autocephaly: New Opportunities and Challenges."

All are welcome. Please kindly RSVP here or contact Gloria Aroneo at for more information.

About Catholic Studies:
The Catholic Studies Program at Seton Hall University offers an innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum for students of any creed who are interested in deepening their knowledge of Catholicism's rich intellectual tradition and living heritage. Combining the study of history, philosophy, theology, literature, art, sociology, and other disciplines, Catholic Studies focuses on the Church's dialogue with culture and encounter with the world. Students interested in Catholic Studies have the option to pursue a major, minor, or certificate that complements and enhances the university's other degree programs and fields of study. Over 20 years the academic program and its variegated activities have stayed true to and fulfilled the Catholic mission and vision of the University.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Gloria Aroneo
  • (973) 275-2808
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