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Sport Management and Catholic Studies Make a Great Team  

David MillerMany Seton Hall students decide to supplement their primary majors with a second major in Catholic Studies. David Miller is one of these students, double majoring in Catholic Studies and Sport Management. We asked David about what led him to this decision.

Why did you choose a second major in Catholic Studies?
I chose Catholic Studies as a second major to my primary Sport Management degree because Catholic Studies gives a deeper meaning to my studies. I knew that studying sports and business was not going to completely fulfill my vision for college, but with a Sport Management and Catholic Studies dual degree, I am able to see how my studies and future work in the sports industry can allow me to practice and better understand my faith.

What does a degree in Catholic Studies offer you?
The Catholic Studies program offers a variety of classes from "Sports and Spirituality" to "Catholic Social Teaching." The one thing that always amazes me about the Catholic Studies classes is that they address current issues and events. One misunderstanding about the Christian faith is that it is outdated and does not apply our current day and age. Catholic Studies has direct roots from the Catholic Church and teaches what it means to be a true Christian in our world today.

How does a second major in Catholic Studies enhance your degree from Seton Hall University?
A Catholic Studies degree has enhanced my education at Seton Hall by opening my eyes to so much more than education. One thing that Catholic Studies has helped me to realize is that each of our areas of study, our individual gifts and talents, and our different experiences can contribute to make this world a better place. Whether you are studying Nursing, Accounting, English, or Political Science, we all have a place in this world and Catholic Studies has helped me understand that the experiences and education I have had can change the world around me.

How does a degree in Catholic Studies prepare you when you leave Seton Hall University?
As a senior, I often think about what the future holds for me and although I don't have a set plan in place for next year, I am confident that I will excel in anything I put my mind to. Catholic Studies has equipped me to apply and use my faith effectively in real world situations. Catholic Studies is so much more than just a continued education of your faith; it prepares you for the moments when you will need to stand up for something you believe in or a time when you are challenged by a decision by a boss or a co-worker.

Pews of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception What led you to this field of study?
What really drew me to declare a major in Catholic Studies was a combination of my past education in the faith through my family and education since kindergarten and my curiosity of what Catholic Studies could offer me. I was very rooted in my faith coming into college but as a senior, I can honestly say that Catholic Studies has deepened the roots of my faith, and the curiosity that I experienced coming into college only continues to grow.

What do you enjoy most about the classes offered in Catholic Studies?
One of the best things about Catholic Studies classes is that they are often cross-listed with other classes at Seton Hall, which allows for more variety in discussion and different perspectives on topics and issues. In a class of 40, you might only have a few Catholic Studies students, but with varying views and perspectives, we are able to get to the heart of the issue and topic. As I mentioned earlier, a misunderstanding of the Christian faith is that it does not apply to current issues and topics, but seeing the diversity in a Catholic Studies class shows just how prevalent and applicable the Christian faith is in our world today.

What do you enjoy most about Catholic Studies at Seton Hall University?
I am often asked this question and the one thing that I always say is the community atmosphere. The Catholic Studies program is designed to reach students of all walks of life and of different religions, but the one thing that we all have in common is that we all understand that there is a deeper meaning in life than what is just in front of us. The students and faculty involved with Catholic Studies are people who want to explore different topics and are always open to having conversations that don’t normally occur on a college campus. The Catholic Studies program led under the leadership of Dr. Ines Murzaku and the assistance of Gloria Aroneo has blossomed to become so much more than a program; it has become a family. Catholic Studies offers many invaluable lessons and teachings that we can all apply in our lives as college students and as we go forward into the real world.

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