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Catholic Studies Program Publishes New Volume of Arcadia  

Monsignor Richard M. Liddy

Msgr. Richard Liddy

The Catholic Studies Program is pleased to announce the publication of the latest volume of Arcadia: A Student Journal for Faith and Culture. This volume invites readers to celebrate Monsignor Richard M. Liddy's contributions to the establishment and flourishing of Catholic Studies at Seton Hall. Additionally, it presents three outstanding essays by students from New Jersey's Catholic high schools. An essay by this year's Monsignor James Cafone Catholic Mission Vitae Gaudium award winner and one by a Seton Hall University freshman looking ahead to her University journey as figured by St. John Henry Newman round out this volume.

Arcadia's celebration of Monsignor Liddy's work in Catholic Studies at Seton Hall comes as he is set to retire this summer from his position as the Director of the Center for Catholic Studies. "While Monsignor Liddy will remain an active member of the University community, as he will continue to serve as a Professor of Religion, the faculty members who have worked with him so closely in Catholic Studies wanted to pay tribute to him in a special way this year," said Dr. Ines Murzaku, Director of the Catholic Studies Program. "We highly value Monsignor Liddy's wisdom, enthusiasm, and gentle guidance, and we were honored to share our perspectives on the ways he has shaped Catholic Studies at Seton Hall, as well as our own teaching and scholarly practice."

The remaining sections of this volume of the journal are also evidence of Monsignor Liddy's legacy in Catholic Studies, showing the ever-wider reach of Catholic Studies' influence and the depth of thought and faith that he has inspired in all of Catholic Studies' offerings.

Catholic Studies, Class of 2020The journal's second section includes the winning essays from the Catholic Studies Program's 2020 essay contest for the students of New Jersey's Catholic high schools. Each of these impressive contributions focuses on how memory holds the power to spark hope and action toward peace. The third section features an essay by Catholic Studies major Jean McArthur, winner of the 2020 Vitae Gaudium award. Ms. McArthur's essay highlights inspirational elements of the life of Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, focusing on how his grounding in his family and community life led him to deep spiritual reflection and heroic charitable action. Freshman Abigail Wingo's essay in the fourth section of the journal provides a fresh, refreshing perspective on the value of a University education.

"At this time of great uncertainty in the world, we are thrilled to be able to present a journal that is grounded in the truths of our Faith," Dr. Murzaku remarked. "These stories of our interactions with an inspirational, genuine leader and the fresh perspectives on the Faith that students share are sure to be uplifting to Arcadia's readers."

About Catholic Studies:
The Catholic Studies program at Seton Hall University offers an innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum for students of any creed who are interested in deepening their knowledge of Catholicism's rich intellectual tradition and living heritage. Combining the study of history, philosophy, theology, literature, art, sociology, and other disciplines, Catholic Studies focuses on the Church's dialogue with culture and encounter with the world. Students interested in Catholic Studies have the option to pursue a major, minor, or certificate that complements and enhances the university's other degree programs and fields of study. Over 20 years the academic program and its variegated activities have stayed true to and fulfilled the Catholic mission and vision of the University. For more information, please contact Dr. Ines Murzaku at or (973) 275-2808, and Gloria Aroneo at or (973) 275-2808.

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