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Lecturer Examines Catholic Critique on Throwaway Culture  

 Dr. Charles C. Camosy

Dr. Charles C. Camosy

The Catholic Studies Program along with the Department of Religion proudly present, "Can a Catholic Critique of "Throwaway Culture" Pull Politics From The Brink?", on October 8, 2019 at 3 p.m. in the Beck Rooms AB, Walsh Library.

About the Lecture:
There is lots of talk about a polarized United States political culture these days, especially as we head into what promises to be a toxic 2020 election cycle. But the actual numbers tell a different story: two of every three Americans constitute an exhausted majority who reject right/left polarization and are open to alternative viewpoints. Especially at this time of realignment, we have been given a unique moment to put aside the frothy, angsty political debates and think harder about our deepest values.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Charles C. Camosy, Associate Professor of Theological and Social Ethics at Fordham University, will present a lecture about a Consistent Life Ethic that embraces Pope Francis' challenge to resist throwaway culture and has the capacity to unite people who for the last several decades imagined themselves in a polarized war.

The event is free and open to the public. This is an ACE Event.

About Catholic Studies:
The Catholic Studies Program at Seton Hall University offers an innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum for students of any creed who are interested in deepening their knowledge of Catholicism's rich intellectual tradition and living heritage. Combining the study of history, philosophy, theology, literature, art, sociology, and other disciplines, Catholic Studies focuses on the church's dialogue with culture and encounter with the world. Students interested in Catholic Studies have the option to pursue a major, minor, or certificate that complements and enhances the university's other degree programs and fields of study. Over 20 years the academic program and its variegated activities have stayed true to and fulfilled the Catholic mission and vision of the University.

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