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Catholic Study Major Alumni started a new teaching career at Koinonia Academy in NJ  

Kristine London 320 picKristine J. London graduated Seton Hall University in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Catholic Studies. Shortly after graduating, she was offered several teaching opportunities at various elementary schools. This week, Kristine started her new job as a first grade teacher at Koinonia Academy in NJ. As she prepares her classroom for the upcoming school year, she can slowly see the image God placed in her mind two years ago, when she saw herself teaching in an elementary school classroom; however, "the chalkboard is replaced by a Smartboard," Kristine says laughingly. A Catholic Studies degree prepared Kristine well for her teaching vocation. The Program in Catholic Studies a home for the mind to grow academically and a big heart to apply the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in primary education.

What would Kristine's advice be for Seton Hall students?

Kristine's steps to success are: Discern your vocation, follow your heart, and run with it.

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