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Finance and Catholic Studies Double Major Focuses on Making Ethical Decisions in the Workplace  

Picture of Monika SowaIn celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Catholic Studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences, we asked Monika Sowa, a graduating Finance and Catholic Studies double major, about her experience in the program over the past four years. Here is how she responded:

"Faith is an important part of my life. Majoring in Catholic Studies has taught me a lot about my faith and the person I want to become. I want to openly live out my faith in every aspect of my life, and double majoring in Finance and Catholic Studies will allow me to learn more about Catholicism and how it relates to my career.

A degree in Catholic Studies offers endless opportunities. Whether I decide to go on and complete a master's degree or work directly after graduating, the Catholic Studies major is an interesting gateway to various academic and career paths. This unique program provides many great opportunities because it offers dynamic courses that teach students what it means to be a Catholic living in the real world. A degree in Catholic Studies does not limit you to do only Catholic work. It gives you a good faithful background that may be used in any desired job.

Picture of Monika Sowa on campusAs a Finance major, I find that Catholic Studies gives my education a unique edge. It allows me to have a more well-rounded education because I get to take more liberal-arts-based courses in addition to my business courses. Within the Catholic Studies major, I get to take classes that require me to think more abstractly, which helps me with my business classes. Both the Stillman School of Business and Catholic Studies at Seton Hall will prepare me for the workforce because I will graduate with the tools to be successful at my job and work to make ethical and moral decisions.

A degree in Catholic Studies will give me a solid, faith-based foundation that will help me incorporate my beliefs into all that I do in the future.

I entered Seton Hall as a Business major with a concentration in Finance, which is often viewed as a very competitive field. I wanted to use business to help those who cannot help themselves. This is what ultimately led me to pursue Catholic Studies. The Catholic Church and the Catholic Social Teaching emphasize the importance of service to help those in need, which is what I want to do with these two majors.

The Catholic Studies major offers a variety of classes that can enhance every student's education. No matter what you are studying, Catholic Studies offers classes that complement every major at Seton Hall.

Catholic Studies has a strong and wonderful community and welcoming environment for all students. The speakers, events and lectures that Catholics Studies hosts are also brilliant, and I have already learned more about Catholicism. Everyone that I have encountered in the program is full of joy and embodies what it means to be Catholic."

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