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Alumna Takes Catholic Studies to Medical School  

Samantha Pettigrew '14, a Catholic Studies major. Samantha Pettigrew graduated Seton Hall in 2014 with a B.S. in Biology, a B.A. in Catholic Studies, a minor in Philosophy and a certificate for completion of the University Honors Program. Samantha is currently in Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. She and her academic achievements are just another example of what great minds can do.

We asked Samantha about the benefits of adding a degree in Catholic Studies to her medical school training. This is how she responded:

"Currently, I am in my fourth year of medical school interviewing for residency positions. My Seton Hall education gave me a solid foundation to do well in medical school, and Catholic Studies was a big part of that. The opportunity to study the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in America’s oldest diocesan university was unique, and I am glad I took that opportunity.

Regardless of personal religious beliefs, I believe that a broad liberal arts education is an important part of anyone’s college experience. Learning tolerance, respect, and how to handle and understand different viewpoints was a large part of what Catholic Studies taught me, and those are skills I use every day at the hospital.

It is also not a very commonly seen dual major, especially in medical school. My Catholic Studies major has been a topic of discussion on residency interviews. I strongly recommend Catholic Studies as a valuable experience for anyone with an interest in Seton Hall. It truly is the major that enhances every other major."

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