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Time to Relax…and Build Your Network  

Student at the annual tree lighting x320As winter break quickly approaches, the excitement for the end of exams and deadlines increases and thoughts of three weeks of sleeping and catching up on Netflix brings a smile.

But it's also a great time to reflect on your past semester at SHU. What new things did you try? Did you declare a new major or minor? Or take a class that inspired you?

As you think about all of this, ask yourself if there is something you have been meaning to do (start that LinkedIn page) or questions you still have (is this the right major for me?). If you create a short list of goals for the winter break, we have a feeling you will come back in January feeling even more refreshed!

Here are some tips on how you can contribute to your career success over Winter Break:

  • Look for local seasonal opportunities or community service. This can be a great way to meet new people.
  • The holidays often bring with it many events and gatherings where you can visit with friends and family, and even meet an extended network of people in your community. Think about some questions you may want to ask that focus on careers. Is there someone in the community who changed careers and you wonder how the risk paid off? Does your uncle have a position you have always been curious about? What does your cousin who recently graduated from college recommend you try before graduating? Now's the time to ask!
  • Update your resume. As you reflect back on all you have done this past semester, make sure you include that information on your resume. Don't forget to update your LinkedIn profile, too (or fit in time to finally start your own page!).
  • Conduct informational interviews. These are conversations with professionals in an industry or job that interests you. Ask if you can schedule a time to meet/speak after the holidays. This is a chance for you to ask questions about their career background, what a typical day is like, or any advice they may have. Learn more about setting up an informational interview or other ways to explore careers here.
  • Don't forget about SHU alumni as a great resource. Have you joined Pirate Connect yet? This is an exclusive platform for SHU students and alumni, allowing you to reach out to ask questions or even find alumni mentors:
  • Thinking about become a lawyer? Considering switching your major to public relations? If you're thinking about a particular field, but you are unsure what to expect, job shadowing can be a great activity over the break.

Research local companies or explore that list of family and friends you planned to see over the break. Contact them and ask if you can visit for a day, or maybe just a few hours, to observe what a typical day is really like. Here are some articles with advice on how to set this up, and maximize the experience:

  • Show appreciation. If you take up any of these activities over the break, be sure to send a "thank you" note to express what you learned and how you will stay in touch. Here you will find some examples:

Here are some additional tips for your winter break.

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