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Business Student Participating in Prudential Finance Internship Program This Summer  

Headshot of Mario Sirico.Mario Sirico is a Finance and Marketing major, also pursuing a certificate in Information Technology Management. He has served as President of the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) and is a leader in the Consulting Club and the Hall Street Fund. In addition, he works as a Blue Crew Member in the Office of Admissions.

Mario spent two summers interning for ING Financial, working on the Information Technology side of the business. He assisted on the Help Desk, Trading Floor Support Team, and Network Services, where he worked on teams, managed inventory, and provided back end support to traders. Mario says that the experience helped him understand the importance of technology in today's financial services industry.

This summer, Mario will participate in the Prudential Finance Internship Program, a 10-week internship, which is a pipeline to the Finance Leadership Development Program. He plans to exceed expectations in his role, while gaining more understanding of the program and the many aspects of the finance industry.

Mario has advice for Seton Hall students: "Don't worry about not having a clear career path when you enter college. Do not be afraid to fail and change direction, as these can be learning experiences for your career." He adds that "it is never too late to look for opportunities. Not everyone needs to work at a big firm; any experience is good experience, and what you make of it is what is important".

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