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Students Visit Formosa Plastics  

Picture of Formosa PlasticsThroughout the year, The Career Center invites students to join their "Road Trips" to visit employer work sites around the metropolitan area. Recently, Seton Hall students participated in an onsite networking event with Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A. Formosa is a supplier of polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, chlor-alkali, EDC, and other olefin products, and is one of the largest domestic manufactures of plastic resins, with nearly 2,400 employees.

Picture of Formosa Plastics tripSeton Hall students networked with professionals working within administration, supply chain, research and development, finance, customer service, and sales. Information was shared about internships and full time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students. Kevin Silvestrini-Cordero, a graduate student pursuing an M.B.A. in Supply Chain Management, described the networking event as "fascinating." Seton Hall students learned how professionals in the plastics industry conduct everyday business. Large picturesque informational posters were displayed around the room to show Formosa's international history and future goals, while students and professionals enjoyed the opportunity to network.

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