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Student Completes Four Internships  

Anthony BertoldiAnthony Bertoldi is a senior sport management and marketing major who has interned for four different organizations: the NJ Jackals, New York Jets, the New York Red Bulls, and Madison Square Garden.

His first experience with the Jackals was as a game day operations intern, where he initiated in-game promotions and was recognized for superior customer service. This led him to his next position as a Consumer Sales and Service intern with the Jets. There, he learned the sales and service aspect of the industry, working in ticket sales, PSL sales, PSL operations, and client relations. He also learned to use Archtics and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), both of which will help him move forward in the sports industry.

The second intern experience was in the Marketing Partnerships Department of the Red Bulls, where he learned all aspects of sponsorship and its importance in the industry. He also developed the skills to formally present a sales pitch to a potential sponsor or consumer. Following this experience, Anthony interned in the Service and Retention department of Madison Square Garden. During that time, he created an outbound calling campaign to research season ticket holder benefits and gifting ideas. Along with this research, he complied a rookie accounts dialogue for future new business.

Anthony's advice to students is to "consider applying to every internship in your field. I did my first internship with a minor league baseball team, which gave me a sports related experience that I could use on my resume. This, along with connections that I had made at my previous worksites, helped me land my internship with the Jets. Remember, it's not only what you know, but also who you know. My biggest piece of advice is to utilize the Career Center!"

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