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New 1 Credit Career Decisions Course Prepares Students for Post-baccalaureate Life  

Headshot Bob FrancoOne thing that the global pandemic has revealed is that the world is going through transition to a more technology-dependent global village. Millions of Americans are out of traditional workplaces; yet, at the same time in various technological and allied industries, hiring is increasing. A course for all majors, this is a unique opportunity for job seekers to develop the current skillsets and knowledge to become more marketable.

Professor Bob Franco has worked with faculty in the Stillman School of Business to create a 1 credit course – Career Decisions - set to launch for spring 2021 and will be in time to prepare students for postbaccalaureate careers. Prof. Franco added,

"Career Decisions, given its unique design will place emphasis on skills and prepare students for what's next. Students can expect to receive Professional Development and Career Connections advice: exploration of career options, analysis of the job market, effective use of employment search tools (e.g., resumes, cover letters, virtual interviewing, social media, networking, salary negotiation, online professional branding), and management of their career paths. This will be accomplished through focused development of competencies needed to stand out. This course will help students to navigate their unique academic and career plans through hands-on practices, ongoing coaching, discussions, and projects. Each student will leave with a personalized plan to guide them as they seek jobs or internships." 

The launch of this course comes at the right time to prepare students for their careers in the ever changing world of work.

Bob Franco works in the Career Center at Seton Hall and as an adjunct professor. He worked previously as a Senior Human Resources Generalist at American Express, Novartis, ADP, and Community Education Centers. Author of Corporate Storyteller: The Art of Noticing Things (2015) and Sidelines (2016), he has been highlighted in The Innovation Superhighway (Debra Amidon); Leverage Points (Pegasus Communications) and the Institute for Business Trends Analysis and interviewed by WABC-TV, AOL Jobs, NJ-12, WalletHub, and NerdWallet.

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