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The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself: Networking Over the Holidays  

Young Adult working on a laptop at Christmastime.As winter break quickly approaches, excitement for the end of exams and deadlines increases and thoughts of sleeping and catching up on Netflix brings a smile. Although winter break is a good time to relax, don't forget to take advantage of some key opportunities for your professional development.

Winter break is a great time to reflect on your past semester at Seton Hall.

What new things did you do?
Did you declare a new major or minor?
Did you take a class that inspired you?

Is there is something you have been meaning to do (start that LinkedIn profile) or questions you still have (is this the right major for me?) If you create a short list of goals for the Winter Break, we have a feeling you will come back in January feeling even more refreshed!

Here are some tips on ways you can make the most of your Winter Break:

Network, Network, Network!

Students in front of the Christmas Tree.Visiting with friends and family or meeting an extended network of people in your community over the holidays presents lots of networking opportunities. Think about some questions you may want to ask that focus on careers. Is there someone in the community who changed careers and you wonder how the risk paid off? Does your uncle have a position you have always been curious about? What does your cousin, who recently graduated from college, recommend you try before graduating? Now's the time to ask!

Update Your Resume

Winter Break is a great time to revise your resume! Use your free time to reflect on all you have done this semester and include it on your resume. And don't forget to update your LinkedIn profile, (or fit in time to finally create an account!)

Schedule Informational Interviews or Job Shadowing Opportunities

Colorful Christmas Lights on tree branches.

Thinking about becoming an attorney? Considering switching your major to public relations? If you're interested a particular field, but are unsure of what to expect, informational interviewing or job shadowing can be great activities over the break.

Explore that list of family and friends you planned to see over the break. Contact them as soon as possible to plan to visit, and observe what a typical workday is really like, while getting a chance to meet new people. And don't forget about Seton Hall alumni, who can be great contacts. Locate them on Pirate Connect yet, our exclusive platform for Seton Hall students and alumni.

We hope to hear more about all you learn over your Winter Break when we return in January! Questions? Contact The Career Center at or call (973) 761-9355.

Save the Date!

The Spring Career Fair will be held on Wednesday, March 18th, from 5–7 p.m. in the Richie Regan Recreation Center Field House. 

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