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How to Prepare For a Virtual Career Fair on Handshake  

Get Hired Bootcamp For Graduating SeniorsIn a school year unlike any other, Handshake's new virtual career fairs are your ticket to getting hired remotely. With a bit of advanced preparation for your virtual fair, you'll be ready to wow recruiters from behind your screen!

1. Log into Handshake today.
Update your profile and get ready for upcoming virtual career

2. Registering for a virtual fair should include selecting your sessions with employers.
When you register for a virtual fair, you'll see a list of the sessions you can sign up for with each employer. Your registration is not complete if you do not sign up for a group or 1:1 session.

3. Research the employers you will meet.
You may attend as many sessions as you like, as long as their schedule times don't overlap.

4. Prep your elevator pitch.
An elevator pitch is essentially your short and sweet synopsis about yourself for a prospective employer. It's called an elevator pitch because it's meant to be brief enough to deliver convincingly during a quick elevator ride to your floor. keep your elevator pitch to a minute or less! No rambling, and prioritize truly pertinent information. Think of the word "NEWS": Your name, Your field of study, A couple relevant skills/experience.


"I'm Ray Thomas, and I'm a rising senior at Seton Hall University. I'm studying finance and spent last summer as an analyst for Goldman Sachs, where I focused mainly on comparative financial performance analysis. Now that I'm graduating in June, I'm hoping to find a full-time role as an investment banking analyst."

Here are some other tips:

  • Test your technology ahead of time
  • Lean in and smile
  • Think about your lighting
  • Look directly at the camera
  • Add to your LinkedIn same day

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