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CHAMP Begins 11th Year by Virtually Bridging Students and Mentors  

The CommArts Honor Alumni Mentoring Partners program (CHAMP) began its 11th year pairing Seton Hall students with alumni mentors. 24 students and 24 mentors were matched for this year's virtual mentorship program. Many of this year's mentors have been with the program from its inception.

As a collaboration between The Career Center and the College of Communication and the Arts, CHAMP is designed to give CommArts students a competitive edge in reaching their professional goals.

"CHAMP is a unique partnership that connects students with alumni mentors in their field of interest. We are grateful to our mentors for their ongoing support, even as we moved to a totally virtual program. I know that our students will continue to get great advice and direction, as they grow and learn from their mentors." - Reesa Greenwald, Director of The Career Center

The program helps students enhance professional skills and begin to build their professional network.

Student looking at laptop with a smile. "Having a mentor is more essential now than at any point in CHAMP's eleven year history. Today's students are preparing to enter a workforce that is undergoing some of the most significant changes in history, and gaining insights into the nuances of how to approach your career from a professional can only help. The relentless dedication of all of the mentors in CHAMP remains both a source of distinction and pride for the University and what sets Seton Hall apart from other institutions of higher learning." - Paul Ward, CHAMP founder, Media and Marketing Strategist

Mentors currently participating in the program have proven success in positions at prestigious companies such as iHeartMedia, Bloomberg, NY Daily News, Viacom, Univision, Macy’s Johnson & Johnson, McGraw-Hill Education, among others.

Laurel Weir, EVP, Strategic Insights & Research at ViacomCBS is a current mentor in the program. She says, "CHAMP is a fantastic program that gives Alumni the unique opportunity to give back to the SHU community and mentor our younger selves." 

CHAMP celebrated 10 years last year and hosted a virtual 10th Year Anniversary Reunion in September featuring Dean Yates, Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Reesa Greenwald, current mentors, and alumni of the program.

"CHAMP is one of the most unique opportunities that College of Communication and the Arts offers. It is the perfect bridge for our students to the professional world, and a fantastic way for our many illustrious alumni to give back. I am so grateful to Paul Ward for his leadership and Reesa Greenwald and the Career Center for their stewardship of the program. Eleven years of proven success – even through a pandemic - and still going strong!" - Dean Deirdre Yates, College of Communication and the Arts

Students in the program are grateful for the opportunity to gain an edge in their professional careers.

"One of the main reasons I chose to attend Seton Hall was because I had heard just how successful they are in helping students get a job post-graduation. The CHAMP Program has done that and so much more. I used to be afraid to reach out to people and network, and thanks to my mentor, I was given the confidence and advice on how to succeed. Without that, I would not have the opportunities I have available to me today." - Melanie Moore, Class of 2021

To learn more about CHAMP, or to apply to the program for the Spring 2022 semester, please contact The Career Center at

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