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Networking Events Bring Nursing and Finance Students Face-to-Face With Employers  

Senior Samantha Maurer and Alumna Phoebe Hanna.

Senior Darby Debonis and Alumna Phoebe Hanna.

Wednesday, October 2nd was a busy day for The Career Center which hosted two networking events for students. From 12-2 p.m. on the IHS Campus students from The College of Nursing had the opportunity to network with employers looking to fill openings for internships and full-time positions.

Senior, Darby Debonis said that she was grateful for The Career Center which has allowed her to learn about job opportunities while still in school. She said, "I've made connections with multiple employers and look forward to seeing the fruits of our discussions."

Another senior nursing student, Samantha Maurer shared her thoughts on the event, 

"It is a great opportunity to network and seek further job opportunities."

Twin brothers Brennen and Brett Christian-Burgess at the Finance Networking Forum.

Brennen and Brett Christian-Burgess

Later that night, The Career Center hosted a Finance Networking Forum in Bethany Hall. Twin brothers, Brennen and Brett Christian-Burgess, juniors majoring in Finance at the Stillman School of Business, were at the event looking to land internships for the summer. They were excited to speak with employers. Brennen, who hopes to be an investment banker, said, 

"I'm looking to expand my network and speak to people whose shoes I'd like to be in one day."

Brett, who hopes to be a financial advisor, said that it's helpful to attend networking events with a friend, or in his case, a brother. He said, 

"It's nice to have somebody who is there with you going through the same steps."

Ayse Bayram at the Finance Networking Forum.

Ayse Bayram

Ayse Bayram, a freshman majoring in economics, came to the event because she thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to speak with employers. Ayse received some feedback on her resume, which she brought with her, and recommendations from the organizations she spoke with about other ways to get involved in the fields that interest her. After speaking with an employer she was given the email address from an organization representative who she intends to follow-up with.

Alumnus Alonso Arbulu at the Finance Networking Forum.

'Great Mind' and Alumnus Alonso Arbulu

Alumnus, Alonso Arbulu, a celebrated Great Mind of Seton Hall University, came to the event to speak with students about his experiences now working for Deloitte Consulting. He encouraged students from all majors to come to networking events. He recommends that, "Students get advice from people who are already in the field." Alonso, who participated in four internships during his time as Seton Hall, stressed the importance of seeking different internship experiences so students can see what line of work interests them the most. He said, 

"The best way you can test what you like is by doing it."

The next networking event, will be a Media, Sports and Marketing event on November 6th, from 4-6 p.m. in Bethany Hall.

Make an appointment with The Career Center today and have a member of the team look over your resume, discuss future job opportunities that may interest you, and learn how to search Navigator for internship and job opportunities!

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