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Seton Hall University
Employment at Seton Hall

Guidelines for Employment Offers

Seton Hall University’s Career Center holds all parties involved in the recruitment of Seton Hall students to ethical recruiting practices. (See standards outlined by the Principles of Professional Conduct of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

To ensure that Seton Hall students have sufficient time to make decisions about employment offers, the following "Guidelines on Internship and Full-Time Employment Offers" have been adopted.

Seton Hall students will be held to professional standards during the decision making process and are invited to openly discuss their offers with Career Center staff and the hiring organization as necessary.

Guidelines on Internship and Full-Time Employment Offers

Seton Hall University Acceptance Policy for 2020-2021

Winter and Summer Interns 
Students who receive a full-time offer from their internship employer (internships completed in either the 2020 spring or summer academic semesters) to begin work in 2021, have until September 1 to accept or decline their offer. Students who receive an offer from a winter internship and who do not yet have a summer internship will have 2-3 weeks after an offer has been received to accept their offer.

Fall Recruiting 
Students who participate in the fall 2020 recruiting season and receive an offer for either a full-time position or an internship during the 2021 spring or summer academic semesters have until November 6 to accept or decline their offer.

Summer Recruitment
Students who participate in Leadership, Diversity, Conference, and other summer recruitment initiatives have until July 1 to accept or decline their internship or full-time offer.

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