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Stillman Student Collaborates with Professor on Supply Chains Research  

Caroline Weeks a senior with a double major in mathematical finance and in information technology management in the Stillman School of Business.

Caroline Weeks

Caroline Weeks, a senior with a double major in mathematical finance and in information technology management in the Stillman School of Business, collaborated on a research paper with Professor Penina Orenstein from the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences.

Weeks was introduced to Orenstein as the recipient of the First Fidelity Work Study Award and has since then worked with the professor on her research focusing on supply chains.

Supply chain management is the management of goods and services from its origin point to consumption. The process of getting from that origin point to consumption often can be fraught with difficulties.

Orenstein's research has the potential to streamline the process by using visualization software to generate a mapping or graphical representation of a supply network. Weeks was directly involved in creating the mappings and conducted research for Orenstein's paper "A Digital Mapping Paradigm to Identify Supply Chain Network Structure, Evolution and Performance."

"The animated, graphical visualizations enable supply chain analysts to determine the weak points of a firm's supply chain," said Weeks. "Understanding these strengths and weaknesses allows that company to make smart and informed business decisions."

Dr. Orenstein

Dr. Penina Orenstein

Weeks and Orenstein presented their findings at the 2018 Decision Sciences Institute during its three-day conference in Chicago. Weeks was responsible for explaining the numbers behind the research to professionals within the industry. The Stillman student was one of few undergraduate students presenting research at the conference. The collaboration between Orenstein and Weeks is indicative of the opportunities available to students at Seton Hall and reflective of the Stillman School of Business' mission of "transforming concepts into business practice."

"Stillman has a large pool of intelligent and motivated undergraduate students, each ready to become leaders in their respective fields," said Orenstein. "Caroline is one of these students. I am proud to have her on my team and grateful for the work she has contributed to this project." Aside from her work with Orenstein, Weeks is involved in the Financial Women's Association, Student Alumni Association and Corporate Mentoring Program. Upon graduation, Weeks will participate in the Quest Diagnostics Finance Leadership Development Program. In the future, she plans to pursue a doctorate in finance.

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