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Stillman Student Named Young Rising Star for His Community Work  

quincy slay x320Senior Finance and Marketing major Quincy Slay earned the Young Rising Star Award from the Urban League of Hudson County. This award, which honors individuals who have made a positive impact in the community, was presented to Quincy at the Urban League’s 50th Anniversary Empowerment Gala.

Slay is a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Association Scholar and member of the Black Men of Standard, as well as a resident assistant since Fall 2020. He was also recently named a board member for Student/Partner Alliance, a New Jersey non-profit organization that provides economically disadvantaged but motivated youth from New Jersey’s urban cities with private high school tuition assistance and mentoring support to help them earn their high school diplomas and pursue college opportunities. He also serves as a student mentor for the organization.

Slay’s previous supervisor, Andrew Kemp, from the Jersey City Department of Recreation and Youth Development nominated him for the award. "Receiving this award means a tremendous amount to me," said Slay. "However, this award is not only for me — it is for my community, my family and all the inner-city kids who do not believe that higher education may be attainable due to their financial situation. This is a goal that I will always have in my heart. As a kid from the inner-city, who has had multiple opportunities to receive top-tier education and serve the community, I know firsthand I am making an impact."

Joyce Strawser, dean of the Stillman School, praised Slay’s efforts. "I’m so proud of Quincy! He is demonstrating the personal qualities that we strive to develop in our Stillman students – integrity, professionalism, and a servant leader mindset. At this early point in his life, Quincy is already acting on the obligation that all leaders have to give back to their communities and help others reach their greatest potential. His community engagement underscores the power and opportunity that we all have to make a profound difference for others."

Because he is a Stillman School student, Slay feels prepared to enter the real world and make an impact. "This is partly because my professors — such as Darrell Gunter, Timothy Barbera, James Marner, Jo-Anne Beiter, Penina Orenstein, John Boylan and Leo Cheung — have taken the time to educate and support me, both inside and outside of the classroom, and have made a great contribution to my education and life," he said. "Plus, through my internship experience, I have had the opportunity to apply what I have learned in my real-life work experiences."

He added, "Winning this award just shows that with hard work, determination, consistency and a passion to serve anything is possible."

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