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Sports Poll Featured by Yahoo Finance, Newsline and Breitbart  

Rick GentileThe most recent Sports Poll queried the public on a number of issues, including a follow-up to a question regarding the reasons for the decline in NFL viewership.

As the Poll's director, Rick Gentile (who won 10 Emmy Awards for his work as an executive director of CBS Sports) explains to Yahoo Finance in a feature video, the Poll first asked the public why they thought NFL viewership was down, with the leading response referencing the national anthem protests which have been led by Colin Kaepernick. Somewhat skeptical of the result, the next poll asked only those who said they were actually watching less NFL, "why?" Again the national anthem protests led by Colin Kaepernick was the leading response.

Newsline and Breitbart also featured the Poll's results in similar stories and Yahoo Finance published a story in addition to the feature interview with Rick Gentile.

Yahoo Finance, Yes, Colin Kaepernick is hurting NFL Ratings

Newsline, "Fans Leaving NFL Due to Kaepernick's Anti-American Protests"

Breitbart, "Media Admits Kaepernick Protest Hurt NFL Ratings"

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