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Serena Williams serving during a tennis match. The most recent Seton Hall Sports Poll was featured in Forbes. The article, "Seton Hall Sports Poll Tackles Kaepernick, Serena, Tiger, and Urban Meyer," covers some of the Poll's most recent findings. As noted in the article's title, the findings featured include the public pulse on issues such as support for Colin Kaepernick's endorsement deal with Nike, the reaction to tennis player Serena William's most recent incident involving "misbehavior" during a match, the prospect of Tiger Woods becoming an "endorsement magnet" once again on the heels of his recent victory in a major tournament, and the reaction to the suspension of college football coach Urban Myer for his "mishandling a case of domestic abuse by an assistant coach."

The Seton Hall Sports Poll is sponsored by the Stillman School of Business and conducted through the Sharkey Institute. Entering its 12th season of polling, it has recently been chosen for inclusion in iPoll by Cornell University's Roper Center for Public Opinion Research.

Students sitting at computers for sports pollingThe Forbes article covered each of the Poll's findings in turn, noting that, as concerning Colin Kaepernick, the anthem protests and the Twitter reactions of President Trump: 

Recently, Nike started a social media firestorm when they put Colin Kaepernick front and center for a September ad campaign. 16% of respondents said they would be more inclined to buy Nike products because of Kaepernick, while 26% felt less inclined. 52% of those polled said it had no effect. 

Among African-Americans, people were more inclined to buy Nike by a 6-1 margin.

Kaepernick's civil suit against the NFL saying that he has been held out of the NFL because of collusion is awaiting trial. Meanwhile, the issue that started it all - the kneeling for the national anthem, was another subject for the poll. 56% of those polled said the NFL should leave things as they are as opposed to issuing a ruling on the issue, which 39% favored. Younger respondents - ages 18-29 - by a 3-1 margin, said the matter should be left as is without the issuance of a new rule.

One thing that clearly fueled the controversy was President Trump's anti-NFL tweets. Asked whether President Trump's tweets about player protests were helpful, 56% said they divided people, 21% said they united people, and 10% said they had no effect.

'A clear majority wants the furor over the NFL player protests put to rest,' said Rick Gentile, director of the Seton Hall Sports Poll. 'The presidential tweets on the subject are also expected to do the same.'

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