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Professor Charles Grantham on HBO's VICE News, USA Today and PrimeTime Sports  

Charles Grantham 320 picProfessor Charles Grantham, former executive director of the National Basketball Players Association and director of the Center for Sport Management in the Stillman School of Business, was featured on HBO's VICE News, USA Today and Prime Time Sports Radio. 

Grantham is proposing a revenue sharing trust fund for NCAA players, noting to VICE News that such an arrangement "will yield a better result for the student athlete." 

In the VICE News broadcast, "California's Game-Changing Plan to Get Student Athletes Paid," they discuss pending legislation in California which would give college athletes the right to their "name, image and likeness." The legislation would enable student-athletes to "sign a marketing deal with Nike, or sell jerseys with their name on it."

Grantham said of the bill, "This is exactly the kind of confrontation that is needed to advance the rights of these student-athletes. The names, images and likenesses is a sort of a beginning of a negotiation."

Professor Grantham is proposing that the revenue generated via name, image and likeness be subject to group license—with the proceeds going into a trust fund for student-athletes.

In the USA Today interview, Grantham notes that as far back as 1990 he wrote an article for the New York Times that said it "was time to give college athletes a share" and that "the revenue sharing concept that we had created [for the NBA], would clearly work in college."

Grantham notes, however, "But of course the NCAA takes a totally different view of that. And that these are amateurs and therefore you maintain this status called "student-athlete," and part of what we call the business of amateurism." 

Grantham concluded, "Of course I think it's a sham – and has always been. It's just now they've been challenged a few more times in court." 

USA Today, "Why lack of compensation for college athletes is a 'sham.'

VICE News, "California's Game-Changing Plan to Get Student Athletes Paid."

Prime Time Sports, "Former head of the NBAPA Charles Grantham kicks off the show's last hour. Has the power fully shifted to NBA players and might they be the most powerful athletes in pro sports?" (1:32:28) 

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