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CPSA Holds Forum to Discuss Race  

SHU talkThe Counseling Psychology Student Association (CPSA) had its third "SHU Talks: Psychology and Human Services Research Forum" on March 8th. Due to ongoing political and social news and events, CPSA decided to hold a special edition of SHU Talks that focused on examining race within higher education and counseling. The forum featured a panel consisting of Dr. Christiana Awosan, Dr. Ben Beitin, Dr. Rebecca Campón, and Dr. Daniel Cruz, faculty in the Department of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy. The panelists shared personal narratives and academic research, as well as facilitated an interactive discussion with attendees. Students were able to voice concerns/opinions, ask questions, and develop a stronger multicultural awareness as students and/or professionals within higher education, as well as potential mental health professionals, but mostly importantly, as human beings. 

SHU talkCPSA would like to thank all those who assisted and participated, including the panelists, attendees, faculty who brought their classes, and Kappa Delta Pi for co-sponsoring the event. CPSA hopes to continue having these events and constructive conversations on important social, educational, and psychological issues at future meetings of SHU Talks.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Lindsay Blevins
  • (973) 761-9668
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