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Rob Gasko 288Rob Gasko '11, Stillman alumnus.

Rob Gasko ’11 and Allen Meretsky ’10, Stillman School of Business alumni, have gone from being college roommates, to best friends and now business partners. They have opened a GYMGUYZ franchise serving the Monmouth County area of NJ. Together, they provide personal training and fitness for those who are too busy for the gym or simply prefer to exercise at home, in the office or on-the-go.

The Stillman School has produced great business leaders and passionate entrepreneurs, and Gasko and Meretsky are no exceptions. "The education provided by the Stillman School prepares you to hit the ground running," says Meretsky.

The pair met in their sophomore year when they roomed together in Serra Hall. They soon discovered that they both had a passion for fitness, which was further developed at Seton Hall. “We always said we wanted to start a business and we were really determined,” says Gasko. “Now we’re at the point in our lives where this makes perfect sense and it’s time to act on our dreams.”

“If it wasn’t for Seton Hall, we wouldn’t be here.” Meretsky, who majored in finance, says classes with Professors Elven Riley, Jack Shannon and Matt Schneider, provided him with the knowledge and real-world experience that have helped him succeed. A marketing major, Gasko says all of the professors at Stillman were great, specifically mentioning Marketing Professor Daniel Ladik, who “taught him a great deal while also making class fun and interactive.”

Allen Meretsky 288Allen Meretsky '10, Stillman alumnus. 

“It is all about passion,” says Meretsky. “My corporate experience, coupled with Rob’s marketing and sales experience, makes for a great partnership.”

“Having a business with community and family involvement, doing something I can enjoy and wake up every morning excited to keep going, is rewarding,” says Gasko.

The business partners have advice for aspiring student entrepreneurs. “Know what you want to do and do it. Believe in yourself. Work hard and don’t give up.”

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