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International Business Concentration Courses (12 credits)

BMGT 6900 The Environment of Global Business (3)

Focuses on aspects of the legal, political, economic, financial and cultural environment that are critical to successfully identifying and effectively managing international/global business opportunities. Primary emphasis is on exploring the problems and challenges that are posed to management and on the possible ways of addressing them. Classes are a mix of case analysis, discussion, lecture and review of current developments through supplemental readings and guest speakers.

BACC 7117 International Accounting (3)

Diverse accounting practices employed by different countries, their causes - rooted in custom, law, tax practices and economics - and their effect on the interpretation of financial statements. Problems of consolidation. Role of accounting in controlled economies.

BMKT 7617 International Marketing (3)

The socio-cultural, economic, legal, technological and political implications for international marketing decisions. The development of global product or service, promotion, price and distribution strategies in the context of the firm’s objectives and resources. Foreign-market entry strategies and business measures that companies must undertake in order to meet effectively the challenges of operating globally.

ECON 7441 International Trade (3)

This course focuses on the theory, conduct and current policy problems of international trade. An examination of the theoretical and empirical basis of why we trade is followed by the mechanics of how we trade such as documentation, shipping, customs clearance, payment systems, exchange rates, barriers to trade, trading blocs, global e-trading and multinationals. In addition, an analysis of contemporary public policy (MFN/NTR), international agreements (WTO/ GATT, NAFTA, EU, IMF, OPEC, APEC) and the World Bank are included.