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SHU 940

Information Technology Management Concentration Courses (12 credits)

BITM 7136 Big Data Analytics Business Impact (3)

Course explores the exponential growth and ever changing large complex data and information created by business and society. Big Data has become so valuable that the World Economic Forum deemed it a new class of economic asset, like oil. Students will study various applications and analytical tools used to derive insight from big data, and how experts in accounting, finance, and operations utilize big data applications to manage reporting, risk management, and compliance. Students learn how different industries leverage the data to impact the bottom line and create competitive advantage. 

BITM 7652 Web 2.0 Marketing (3)

Individualized interactive marketing is one of the fastest growing avenues for targeting customers. This course explores the philosophies underlying individualized interactive marketing including one-to-one marketing, customer relationship management, and mass customization leading to a greater understanding of consumer-firm co-creation of value in a Web 2.0 world. The class will review and discuss books, academic and practitioner articles, and case studies concerning this topic.

BITM 7722 Business Analytics Prediction (3) 

Business decision-making should, when possible, rely on data and the conclusions that can be drawn from that data. Spreadsheet software is arguably the most commonly available and most frequently used tool for analyzing business data. In this course, students will learn how to leverage advanced spreadsheet functionalities to help analyze business problems for better decision-making. Students will leave the course with "power user" Excel skills and improved problem-solving abilities. 

BITM 7725 Enterprise Systems Deployment (3)

This course prepares students for SAP's TERP 10 certification (SAP certified business associate). It provides a deep overview of several SAP topics including sales and distribution, purchasing, manufacturing, plant maintenance and customer service, material planning, lifecycle data management, data warehousing and project management.

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