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Allow Someone Else to View and Pay Your E-Bill

Follow these instructions to allow another person (parent, guardian, etc.) to access your e-Bill. The person you add will be able to view and pay your e-Bill, as well as receive notification each time your new e-Bill is available.

For the Student

  1. Log in to PirateNet with your username/password
  2. Go to the Profile and Finances tab
  3. Under "Bursar Account," click "View and Pay My Account"
  4. Click "Pay My Bill"
  5. Under the "My Account" tab, click "Authorized Users"
  6. Enter the email address of the person you want to access/pay your e-Bill and select the access levels you want to provide:
    • "Allow Person to view billing statement Yes/No"
    • "Allow person to view payment history Yes/No"
  7. Agree to terms by checking "I Agree."  If you wish, print this screen or click "Continue" again.
  8. When you reach the confirmation page, you may add additional authorized users.
  9. Two e-mails will be sent to your authorized user(s). The authorized users will need both these e-mails to log in, view your statements and pay your accounts.  Be sure to remind your authorized user(s) that they check their e-mail for two (2) messages from ""

For the Bill Payer (Authorized User)

When a student grants you access, you will receive TWO e-mails.  Please keep these handy for your first time logging in.

  • E-mail 1 Subject LIne: "You have been given access" - this e-mail contains your username
  • E-mail 2 Subject Line: "Your access information" - this e-mail contains your temporary password
  1. Go to the Payment Portal (
  2. Under "Authorized Users," enter your e-mail and first-time (temporary) password.  [This information is contained in the two separate e-mails that your received when your student granted you access to his/her account.]
  3. Click Login
  4. Complete the authorized user profile setup.
  5. Create a new password (one that you will remember).  Please note that your new password must be at least 7 characters long and must contain at least one number or special character.
  6. You now have access, as specified by the student.

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