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Publications and Presentations

  • Baldwin, S., Chang, M., Diaz, I., Fink, K., Boergers, R. (2012, April). Lacrosse Helmet Removal Versus Helmet Facemask Removal: A Comparison of Time and Head and Neck Movement. Poster session presented at the Seton Hall University Petersheim Academic Exposition, South Orange, NJ.
  • Boergers, R., Cabell, L., Pinto-Zipp, G., Sisto, S. (2012, January): Impact of Helmet Design and Work Setting on Time and Movement during Lacrosse Helmet Facemask Removal by Certified Athletic Trainers. Presented at 61st Annual Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association Meeting and Clinical Symposium, Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Boergers, R., Cabell, L., Pinto-Zipp, G., Sisto, S. (2011, June): Helmet Design Affects Timeand Movement During Lacrosse Helmet Facemask Removal but Work Setting Does Not.  Presented at New York State Athletic Trainers’ Association (NYSATA) conference, Lake Placid, New York.
  • Marks, Ch, Dayalu, V.N., Cabell, L. (2008, April): Kinematic study of lip movements in normal adults during concurrent visual observation of motor movements: an exploratory study. Presented at the 18th Annual Research Colloquium, South Orange, New Jersey.
  • Nair, P., Cabell, L., Lesiczka, K., Dragonette, A., Opoku-Nsiah, K. (2013, February):Mechanical Cost Associated with Asymmetrical Walking in Healthy Individuals. Presented at APTA-Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) 2013, San Diego, California.
  • Phillips, H.J., Cabell, L., Powers, Ch. (2006, February):  Kinematic and Kinetic Differences between Women with and without Pattelofemoral Pain when Descending Stairs.  Presented at APTA - Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), San Diego, California.
  • Pinto Zipp, G.,  Mickeal, H., Mollina, P., Byrne, A., Mehta, S., Ferraro, R., PT, & Maher. Effect of Dual Task Performance on Spatiotemporal Gait Parameters of Older Adults during Incline Walking: Preliminary Data. Oral presentation, CSM 2013, San Diego, CA.
  • Pinto Zipp, G., PT, EdD, Persico, J., SPT, Rooney, R., SPT, Rosequist, G., SPT, & MacDonald, D., SPT(2012, February 8-11). The Secondary Effects of a Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) Protocol in Children with Cerebral Palsy on Mobility, Balance and Gait, Poster presentation, CSM 2012, Chicago, IL.
  • Pinto Zipp, G., & Winning, S., (2012). Effects of constraint-induced movement therapy on gait, balance, and functional locomotor mobility, Pediatric Physical Therapy, 24 (1), 64-8.
  • Regan, D., Luna de, M.C., Lin, Y.J., Makkar, V., Cabell, L., Stiskal, D.M. (2007, May): Does carrying a loaded backpack change lower limb movement during gait?: A methodological study.  Presented at the 17th Annual Research Colloquium, South Orange, New Jersey.
  • Stiskal, D., Bradfield, B., Grembowiec, M., Macphee, Ch., Silletti, M., Cabell, L. (2013, February): Effects of Backpack Carrying Styles on Gait on College Aged Male Students. Presented at APTA-Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) 2013, San Diego, California.
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