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Second Annual College of Arts and Sciences Assembly  

Grad ImageAs students and faculty repopulate Seton Hall's campus and classrooms for another successful, exciting semester, the "Oldest and Boldest" college hosted a special ceremonial initiation for its freshmen. As a requirement, freshmen and transfer College of Arts and Sciences students attended the ACE event on Wednesday, February 3, though it is truly considered an honor to attend as opposed to an obligation.

During the Class of 2024's celebratory welcome, faculty, distinguished guests and upperclassmen imparted speeches imbued with hardships, determination and prosperity on the Class of 2024 and transfer students. The ceremony was an opportunity for incoming students to learn from students who earned scholarships and amazing internships through the College and its dedicated faculty. The two distinguished speakers who spoke were Vanessa May, Ph.D., and Mr. Tony Galioto.

Dr. May is a professor in the History Department and co-director of the Women and Gender Studies Program. Dr. May earned her bachelor's degree from Vassar College in 1999 and later earned both a master's and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Her research focuses on the history of women's reform and gender disparities in the United States. Dr. May's recent book argues an interesting perspective about the classification of a workplace and why women holding positions in industrial labor received protection decades before women in domestic service. Dr. May is instrumental in the creation of the annual Seton Hall University Conference on Women and Gender.

Anthony "Tony" Galioto '67 is a Seton Hall University alumnus who earned a B.S. in Psychology. Post-undergraduate, Galioto drew from his College of Arts and Sciences education to serve with the Peace Corps in Colombia for two years. His inclination for servant leadership kept him in Colombia for another 18 years, where he became fluent in Spanish and served in integral management positions. Upon returning to the United States, Galioto worked for AIG for 23 years in multiple positions that offered different perspectives on leadership and fulfilling the organization's mission statement efficiently. Currently, Tony Galioto serves on Seton Hall University's President's Advisory Group for the College of Arts and Sciences. He is also an active donor to the University.

The College of Arts and Sciences is grateful to have such accomplished faculty, alumni and students to support and preserve academic excellence and servant leadership at Seton Hall University.

Hazard Zet Forward.

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