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Philosophy Talk on Psychopaths, Empathy, and Morality  

Photo of Dr. Adam Lerner

Dr. Adam Lerner (NYU)

From 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. on Monday September 23, 2019 in the UC Chancellor's Suite, the Veggie Society and the Philosophy Club will bring to campus Dr. Adam Lerner, Assistant Professor of bioethics at New York University. In his talk, Dr. Lerner will draw on an extensive body of work in cognitive science to shed light on the relationship between empathy and ethics. He will argue that the best explanation of why psychopaths act immorally shows that empathy plays a crucial role in helping us discover what is right and wrong. He will then argue that if this view is correct, those of us who are not psychopaths act immorally more often than we recognize.

Professor Lerner earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University and works in ethics, metaethics, and moral psychology. He is currently an Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow at New York University's Center for Bioethics. You can visit the Center's website for a list of Professor Lerner's publications, research interests, and associated multimedia content.

Please join us for this exciting event! There will be a reception with food and drink following the lecture.

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