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Drawdown EcoChallenge: Game On!  

Group picture of the Seton Hall EcoChallenge Team x320Join the Seton Hall University Drawdown EcoChallenge team and show the world how individual and collective action can make a difference in reducing carbon from the atmosphere and reversing global warming.

The EcoChallenge highlights the solutions that are available today, as described in the textbook used in Environmental Studies classes, titled Drawdown.

Project Drawdown is based on meticulous research that maps, measures, models, and describes solutions to global warming that exist today and can be scaled to solve the current climate crisis.

The name of our team is "Seton Hall University". Join today and start learning what actions you can take to earn points between April 3-24 and how big of an impact we can make. We are competing with other universities, schools, environmental groups and corporations across the globe. The results from last year are available and we can be number one this year, the first year our campus is participating.

Students from the Seton Hall EcoChallenge Team x320On April 15th we will host our 5th annual Eco-Fest on the Green. Student clubs are welcome to table on the green and join the celebration with food trucks and free Ben & Jerry's ice cream for all students who have signed up for the Drawdown EcoChallenge. This event will count towards action points for the Seton Hall University EcoChallenge team. Local environmental non-profit organizations will also be tabling on the green, sharing how they are leading the way in addressing the environmental challenges in New Jersey.

See you at Eco-Fest on April 15th and sign up for the Drawdown EcoChallenge today.

For more information about tabling at Eco-Fest, please contact the Ecology Club at

For more information about the Drawdown EcoChallenge hosted by the Environmental Studies Program, please contact

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