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Campus Garden Fall Fest  

Picture of Garlic Planting in Fall FestStudents in three Environmental Studies classes (Permaculture Design, Sustainable Food Systems and Intro to Environmental Studies) harvested organic vegetables and herbs, planted five varieties of organic garlic (Music, Chesnok, Bogatyr, Rocambole, and German White), painted pumpkins, and enjoyed food and fresh air, during our 4th annual Fall Fest in the campus garden.

Each clove of garlic becomes a bulb, and since hard neck varieties were planted, there will be two harvests next year: garlic scapes (above ground)in late Spring and garlic bulbs (below ground) next summer. Students in the Environmental Studies classes learn about Eco-Agriculture, how to grow healthy organic food by growing healthy soil and healthy plants without chemicals and pesticides.

Picture of Pumpkin Painting in Fall FestThe campus garden between Xavier and the University Center, is an organic garden, a beautiful peaceful sanctuary for all students and the entire campus community to enjoy. This garden and annual event is sponsored by the Facilities Engineering Department with Coca Cola (donating hats, scarves, and sunglasses) and Gourmet Dining (donating pumpkin pie and hot chocolate) for all.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Wanda Knapik
  • (908) 432-2198
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