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College of Arts and Sciences 2020 Business Boot Camp  

Photo of freshmen Buccino students.The College of Arts and Sciences is hosting its fourth annual Business Boot Camp, an enriching program available to all College of Arts and Sciences students. It is a four-day workshop, taking place from Tuesday, August 18, to Friday, August 21, that allows students to learn about career development, current trends within the industry, and interview skills.

The program serves as an educational experience for humanities students to learn about key aspects of the business industry. For students who are unsure of their next steps after college, the Business Boot Camp facilitates networking skill development. The Business Boot Camp is fully supported by donors, alum, and the Presidential Advising Group of the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, the boot camp is led by Seton Hall faculty, alumni, and friends. Each day begins with a continental breakfast, continues with various workshops from industry professionals and concludes with dinner.

Last year's Business Boot Camp featured keynote speakers who have been involved with such companies and organizations as Google, United Airlines and the Christopher and the Dana Reeve Foundation. Students who participated learned a great deal of real-world lessons and techniques, as evidenced by one student's review of the program:

"The Summer 2019 Business Boot Camp taught me a myriad of skills and concepts that I carried with me into my sophomore year of college and I will continue to apply and develop them as I progress further into my professional career. What stood out to me the most during the program were five things: developing my LinkedIn profile and resume, speaking with HR Representatives, learning what it means to fail, learning dinner etiquette and understanding the value of creating bonds with different people."

"Because of the techniques I learned, such as character building, resume building and the perfect interview techniques, I was able to land an internship in Walt Disney World, an experience I will never forget. During my internship, I found myself applying what I had learned in the Business Boot Camp. In Disney, every interaction was like a 'thirty second elevator pitch' in which I had to engage my guest to ensure I could be of the best service to them, something that we were required to learn during our seminar and something that I am very grateful for. The Business Boot Camp's influence in my career far exceeds my internship at Disney. With the skills I learned in the Business Boot Camp, I was able to obtain a Graduate Assistantship within the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office. This why I think that the Business Boot Camp is so essential for every College of Arts and Sciences student, because they will be able to garner so many skills that some will only learn when they are thrust into the working world -- but Dr. Christopher Kaiser was able to give us these tools free of charge, and this is the greatest takeaway from this experience."

The Business Boot Camp gives students the opportunity to see what they can do with the education after college. Many times students become aware of possibilities they previously did not know existed.

In adherence to social distancing guidelines, the College of Arts and Sciences 2020 Business Boot Camp will be run at half capacity. This preventative measure means that space for this year's program is extremely limited. If interested, please submit applications at your earliest convenience to Dr. Christopher Kaiser.

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