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College of Arts and Sciences Launches Second Issue of Undergraduate Research Journal  

Two students studying from a bookThe College of Arts and Sciences has proudly released the second issue of Locus, its undergraduate research journal dedicated to the publication of scholarly work completed by Seton Hall students. The journal celebrates undergraduate scholarship from all disciplines across the University, not just those associated with the College of Arts and Sciences.

Much like last year's inaugural issue, the 2019 issue includes articles on a wide array of topics, ranging from the media's portrayal of mental illness, to gender differences, to the role of neoliberalism in Palestinian apartheid. "The range of topics and the quality of the work is a testament to the richness of undergraduate research at Seton Hall," says Peter Shoemaker, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The complete journal may be accessed here.

Locus is run by student editors who, with the support of faculty advisors from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, gain firsthand experience of the academic editorial process, from review of submissions, to manuscript preparation, to digital publication.

The journal has teamed up with Bepress, a professional digital publishing platform used by a variety of peer-reviewed academic journals, including Antipodes, Walt Whitman Quarterly, and the Yale Journal of Music and Religion.

The content listing for the second issue is as follows:

  • "The Media's Portrayal of Mental Illness and Its Treatment: An Analysis of the Existing Literature from a Social Work Perspective"
    Alexys Calabro
  • "Occupation: Neoliberalism's Role in Palestinian Apartheid"
    Devyn Johnson
  • "Structural and Electrical Properties of Pulsed Laser Deposited Yttrium Doped Zirconium Oxide Thin Film Stabilization"
    Matthew Melfi
  • "Body Brokerage: Inside the Trafficking of Human Materials"
    Michelle Prizzi
  • "A Dead Poet's Society: The Thematic Significance of Cinna's Death in Julius Caesar"
    Brian Pulverenti
  • "Gender Differences: A result of differences in the brain or socialization?"
    Courtney Storms

Those interested in submitting their research for the 2020 issue may view the Call for Papers.

This second issue follows in the footsteps of the successful inaugural issue, which was released in November 2018 and featured articles on such topics as cognitive psychology, solar topography, and the literary influences of Game of Thrones.

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