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Liberal Arts Meets Business and Civic Engagement at Arts and Sciences Boot Camps  

The students lined up in front of a wall for the Business Bootcamp.

Business Boot Camp participants visited the Google headquarters in New York.

"A business is not just one person. Developing interpersonal skills and working well with a team are all needed in order to become successful. Understanding what our passions are and improving on the areas where we are weak will only benefit us. We should seek opportunities that make us feel
uncomfortable because those moments will make us the strongest."– Marlene Da Cruz, senior political science major

These are the lessons that pave the way for both personal and professional enrichment – and there were countless others to be learned at the College of Arts and Sciences' Business and Civic Engagement Boot Camps that took place over the summer. Offered exclusively to rising junior and senior Arts and Sciences majors, the boot camps give students the opportunity to see just what they can do with their liberal arts education, opening their eyes to possibilities they may have never even considered.

The Business Boot Camp, now in its third year, is designed to help students improve a number of critical skills, from resume writing to interviewing tactics, so that they may be better prepared for the business world. This year, the event featured guest speakers from businesses small and large, including alumnus Robert Starosciack, vice president and portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley, and Edward Eigerman, Macintosh systems administrator at Google. The students culminated their experience by touring the Google Headquarters in New York.

Marlene Da Cruz, a Business Boot Camp participant, noted the following takeaway from a talk given by Victor Ricci, CEO of "This idea of success is common but not fulfilling. What makes life fulfilling is impacting another person’s life for the better. It is understanding who we are as an individual. It is stepping out of our comfort zone and trying things that make us feel uncomfortable. It is asking and demanding for help when we need it and, most importantly, not allowing failure and setbacks to discourage us from attaining our true potential."

Students who participated in the Civic Engagement Boot Camp toured the New Jersey State House in Trenton.

Students who participated in the Civic Engagement Boot Camp toured the New Jersey State House in Trenton.

A few weeks after the Business Boot Camp, students participated in the College's Civic Engagement Boot Camp, which is an enriching experience geared toward students pursuing a career in government, civic works or the public or nonprofit sectors. The program was run in collaboration with Rosanne Mirabella, political science professor and executive director of the Center for Community Research and Engagement, and Timothy Hoffman, director of the Center for Community Research and Engagement. Much like its Business counterpart, the Civic Engagement Boot Camp treated participants to a variety of guest speakers, including alumna Jeanette Jimenez, a bilingual investigator with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as Elizabeth Maher Muoio, New Jersey State treasurer. The students completed the boot camp with a tour of the New Jersey State House in Trenton, New Jersey.

Nadia Lyall, a senior psychology major, recounts the following takeaways from the lecture by Thomas Russo, town manager of Newton, New Jersey: "For political work, unfortunately it is not what you know, it is who you know. Networking is vital to this type of career. Additionally, he implored the group not to let ego drive the things you do in your career. All jobs and volunteer endeavors have values. Have faith bigger than fear, and be true to yourself. Do not live your life the way others expect. His speech was motivational, raw and engaging. Students would be lucky next year to have this speaker come back once more."

Seton Hall University's largest and oldest college, the College of Arts and Sciences provides students with a comprehensive and rigorous study of the liberal arts and sciences. Its emphasis on critical and creative thinking, interdisciplinary study and holistic teaching that nourishes the spirit as well as the mind ensures that all students, no matter where their career paths may take them, are poised to become servant leaders en route to personal and professional success.

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