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Participants in the Business Boot Camp

Business Boot Camp Online Program

The Business Boot Camp Online Program is a unique opportunity to learn how to apply transferable skills and build a portfolio prior to beginning a career or internship. Modeled after our on-campus four-day Business Boot Camp, the online program is designed as a 12-module intensive workshop to teach students how to successfully conduct a job search, interview, manage a budget, and other similar job skills. Through its modules, the program focuses on six tenets: confidence, prestige, ability, versatility, passion, and action. 

This exclusive program, open only to College of Arts and Sciences majors at Seton Hall University, is built on the material and insight of several leaders in business and offers invaluable expertise on life in the business world. Providing an edge to participating students looking to gain career experience, the program better prepares these students for a successful career in a variety of fields.

The Business Boot Camp Online Program may be accessed at any time and will remain available to all College of Arts and Sciences majors for the duration of their enrollment. The link to the program is available under the Academics tab in Portal. Simply click on "Enroll Now" to begin.

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