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Advising Resources

Academic advising is a process that assists students in gaining the greatest possible benefit from their education at Seton Hall. In addition to helping prepare student schedules, academic advisers help students understand themselves; recognize their educational needs; realize their educational aspirations; and prepare for their future in an appropriate career, profession or graduate study program.  

During the freshman year, students work with a Freshman Studies mentor. Thereafter, students consult with departmental adviser assigned by the chair. Students are urged to consult their advisers on a regular basis with regard to program planning, academic policy questions, graduate school options and career information. Advisers can direct students to persons and University offices that offer specialized assistance in areas such as personal counseling, career placement services, tutorial assistance and other student services. Transfer students accepted to Seton Hall will receive, by mail, an advanced standing evaluation. This evaluation indicates how many credits are approved for transfer to Seton Hall, and in which areas. Transfer students then may seek advisement for course selection from their assigned adviser.

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