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Pirate's Eye on the Riccio-Kelly Legacy  

Sophomore Charles Kelly with his grandfatherCharles Kelly is currently a sophomore at Seton Hall carrying on his family's legacy of Pirate graduates. Kelly is the grandson of Ronald Riccio '68/J.D. '71 and son of Nicole Riccio-Kelly '94 and Charles P. Kelly '94/J.D. '02. In a recent Q&A conversation, Kelly explored how meaningful it is to his grandfather to see the Seton Hall tradition being continued within their family for a third generation. Kelly also shared his own perspective on his experience as a legacy student at The Hall.

Q to Riccio: How do you feel about your grandson continuing the Seton Hall legacy in your family?

Riccio: Seton Hall University has been an integral and influential part of my life since 1964. Witnessing my grandson follow in my footsteps, and in the footsteps of both his mother and father, is gratifying, exciting and emotional. It epitomizes the circle of life in a meaningful way for me. My hope is that Charlie will take advantage of all that Seton Hall has to offer and benefit from the Seton hall experience in the same ways as I have benefitted.

Q to Kelly: How do you feel about continuing the Seton Hall legacy in your family?

Kelly: As a legacy student, it is an honor to walk around campus knowing that my family has done what I am currently doing, and it gives me a sense of determination to set the bar higher than they did. I'm very prideful about the position I am in knowing that my family is relying on me to keep the tradition alive. 

Q to Riccio: Do you feel a sense of accomplishment in seeing your grandson going to the same University you once did?

R: I do feel a sense of accomplishment that Charlie is attending Seton Hall. While the decision of where to attend college was Charlie's decision, the fact he chose Seton Hall says to me that he has respect for me and understands the values that I've tried to instill in him. While Charlie is his own person, as he should be, if some of what I am rubs off on him, that's accomplishment enough for me.

Q to Kelly: How does being a legacy student change your perception walking around campus?

K: My goal of course is to do well whether I am a legacy student or not, but it is more important to me now to set a good example and give myself a positive image around campus. It not only drives me to be a better student, but even more a better person.

Q to Riccio: Does having somebody in your family currently attending Seton Hall make you want to get more involved within the school?

R: Because Charlie is a student at Seton Hall, and because next year his sister Sofia will also be a student at Seton Hall, it's inevitable that I will be more actively involved with the school. In particular, I am certain I'll be attending more events on campus due to my overarching desire to continue to be present in the lives of all my grandchildren.

Q to Kelly: In the future, do you want to see your children or other family members attend Seton Hall University?

K: Absolutely. Attending Seton Hall is an honor within itself, but to see your children attending the same University you once did is an absolute honor. The atmosphere at Seton Hall feels more like a family than it does a University, so there's no reason at all to not want my future children to come here.
Students like Charles Kelly are able to attend Seton Hall, in part because of the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund which provides children, grandchildren and siblings of Seton Hall alumni with $20,000 in tuition funds over four years.

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