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Seton Hall Alum Walks Across America to Benefit Homeless Veterans  

Photo of Tommy Pasquale - Tommy Walks America for homeless veteransTommy Pasquale, a marketing and management major within the Stillman School of Business who graduated from Seton Hall in 2020, has embarked on a walk across America to benefit homeless veterans.

Detailed in an article from the news outlet of his hometown of Randolph, New Jersey and broadcast by the extensive TAPinto network throughout the state, Pasquale began his trek across the United States wearing a Seton Hall Pirate T-shirt on September 19 in Manasquan Beach.

The article notes that:

It all started on a cool but glorious Fall morning, under a spectacular sunrise that crested the sea on Monday, September 19, 2022. Randolph High School 2016 graduate Tommy Pasquale dipped his toes into the Atlantic Ocean at Manasquan Beach in New Jersey, said a little prayer, and made his way back across the sand to the corner of Brielle Road and First Ave.

Pasquale, wearing his favorite NY Giants hat and Seton Hall T-Shirt, bid farewell to the family and friends who had gathered to see him off, grabbed a hold of his homemade cart, and took the first of what will be countless steps on a 3,000-mile trek across the country to California. After spending the past few summers down the shore with friends in a Manasquan timeshare, it seemed a fitting place for the 2020 Seton Hall Graduate to start his walk - aptly named "Tommy Walks America."

Pasquale has dedicated his walk to the benefit of homeless veterans, saying: "The reason I'm doing this is with the goal of raising money for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. On any given night in this country, there are 38,000 homeless veterans. A country, in my humble opinion, that is the greatest country in the world.  These brave men and women fought for our freedoms, and they deserve the best. I think it's our job as Americans to look out for one another, and I think we must do better."

The 3,000 mile journey that began at Manasquan Beach in New Jersey is scheduled to end in Venice Beach, California approximately six months later (April 2023), with Pasquale attempting to cover roughly 20 miles per day.

Pasquale is traveling with a wheeled cart that contains "some basic camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag), some food (mostly canned goods, beef jerky, fruit, protein powder), some clothes, some toiletries, a book and a daily journal, as well as his cell phone and chargers. He uses his phone to document his journey online, creating and sharing video content on an almost daily basis."

The trip has not been without difficulty. When his cart broke down early on in Pennsylvania, Pasquale reached out to his former Seton Hall roommates.

As the story notes, "Fortunately, he had his trusted college roommates Nico and Ben on speed dial, and the two told him to get some sleep, and they would be there in the morning.  Sure enough, at 9:30 AM they rolled into town with a new cart, complete with reinforced tires and a red-white-and-blue paint job."

Pasquale relates that a number of people across the states have welcomed him during his journey, allowing him to pitch his tent at their homes along with offers of meals and showers.

Although impressed and appreciative of the kindness of strangers, Pasquale said he misses his family and friends. "Leaving my family and friends was the toughest part of my decision to walk, I miss them every day," he said.

Pasquale paused, and then added, "You know what else I really miss? Going to the NY Giants games and my Seton Hall Pirates basketball games."

Pasquale is currently in Tennessee and has raised almost $15,000 of his $75,000 goal for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. The full story can be read at, "From Sea to Shining Sea; Randolph's Tommy Pasquale Walking Across the Country to Raise Money for Homeless Vets."

Tommy Walks America can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Links to these accounts and more can be found by clicking here. For individuals or corporations interested in donating or helping sponsor Tommy Walks America, the GoFundMe is linked here. 100% of donations go straight to the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans. All are encouraged to share this story to help spread the word about Tommy Walks America to support this great cause.

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